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​Brûlée: Much more than a dessert

We chose Brûlée​ for the innovation of its chefs, and their personal edicts to source locally and sustainably.  All three Philadelphia Hub facilities have the great distinction of serving cuisine from Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix and his talented team at Brûlée​.  We worked with them to create menus that reflect our ethos and our clients’ preferences. The results are swoon-worthy

The Hub Conshy


Nourish provides food and beverage that’s beyond mere sustenance.

Decorated Chef Mike DeMar (The Downtown Club, Kitchen Sink Caterers) puts his innovative cuisine to work, providing healthy food and beverage that’ll have you wanting to dine with Nourish for all three meals of your day. Salads, wraps, sandwiches, and one hot entree a day will be served.

Stay tuned to our web site for more news of what’s happening at nourish.

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