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    Why The Hub?

    Perfect, unobtrusive service. Sustainable--and sustaining--food and beverage. All your tech needs, covered. All that, plus a founding-B Corporation pedigree and dedication to detail. Need more? Read on.


Coveniently Located

Stash the umbrella: Our Cira Centre facility is attached to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. Think flexible: The Hub Commerce Square works for everything from daily co-working to press conferences. And you’ll get the best of Philly at CityView, 14 levels up and overlooking Rittenhouse Square. Learn more here.

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Technology & Meeting Support

Wondering about your bandwidth is so last decade. Top-quality audio and visual and every possible technology quandary, solved before you can even think of it. Because really, shouldn’t things just work?

Productive Meetings

Get Things Done

Just consider it: Meetings during which you actually get things done. It happens every day here. We’ll take care of the details, so you don’t need to ever wonder if something’s going to work, or when the food will arrive, or whether your attendees will be bored or need something. The answer: Leave it to us. It’s our productive meeting concept.

Food Services

Fresh and Innovative Catering

All three Hub facilities have the great distinction of serving cuisine from Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix and his talented team at Brulee.


The Hub's Green Initiatives

The Hub Centers for Meeting and Collaboration is a B Corporation. It means we’ve met and surpassed a set of rigorous standards that asks us to pay attention to the impact our bottom line has on society and the environment. Yes, it’s an optional certification. But for us, it’s all in a day’s work.

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