3 Easy Steps for Sustainable Corporate Gifts

    October 8, 2015

    It’s that time of the year again: Time to start shopping for gifts for your clients. It’s one of our most favorite initiatives–we love finding the perfect way to make sure our clients know just how much we think of them. On par with that is finding ways to honor our edict of sustainability. Here are three things we consider, to make sure we’re giving a gift your clients will really value:

    Think local. With three facilities in Center City Philadelphia, and our Conshocken facility coming online in November, it’s easy for us to consider the most important thing of all: our immediate community. Gift certificates to local favorites like Cardenas Oil and Vinegar Taproom, or a pound of coffee from our standby La Colombe, are almost always surefire winners, also allow us to tick another box:

    Consider consummables. We’ve been thinking a lot about things that “spark joy,” as in the Japanese de-cluttering phenomenon KonMari’s method of tidying up, and we bet our busy clients like to keep things clean and clear, too. So a holiday gift that won’t just lie around, and that will get used–or eaten!–is a great, considerate choice over something like another set of refrigerator magnets.

    Another favorite consideration? Think experiential. If your clients are based in a major city, it’s easy to find something they’ll enjoy, like tickets to a show or  local museum exhibit that you know they’ll like. Even if they’re based in a smaller town or city, a donation on your client’s behalf to the local educational institutions there will go along way.


    There’s an added advantage to getting sustainable gifts. Your thoughtfulness might just impress those same values on someone else. So go ahead and spread the love this holiday season.




    "How to shop for a sustainable, oo-worthy corporate present. "