Tips for your best-ever holiday party

    November 12, 2015

    The holiday season is coming around fast! We interviewed Nick Gianoulis, co-founder of The Fun Dept., and asked him about some great ways to make sure your holiday party is an absolute blast for everyone involved. We learned a lot by talking to Nick, and we think you will too.


    Read on, for holiday party tips from a bona fide expert.

    The Hub: What is the number-one overlooked element of any corporate holiday party?

    NG: The people! Many companies get so carried away in the planning process that they do not give thought to how the guests will engage or interact with one another. How are guests greeted upon arrival? What is the flow and timing of the event? Are there activities that can encourage people to engage and interact with one another? A great venue partner with experience in these elements can be of tremendous value (like The Hub for example!)


    H: Aw, thanks! What mistake do you see being made over and over again in holiday-party planning?

    NG: Attempting to incorporate business in to the party. No one wants to be invited to a holiday party and have to listen to year-end results. The party should be completely focused on recognition, appreciation and fun. Also, inviting spouses or significant others is costly and often not so fun for the employees guest. What should I wear? Who are these people? Where do I find a baby sitter during the holiday season? These questions all add to the stress of the season.


    H: What trends do you see around guest engagement at holiday parties?

    NG: Strolling holiday trivia to engage small groups during the beginning or cocktail hour. Simple gifts or party favors as guests arrive or at the table. Interactive games like the Tangled Light Challenge, Candy Cane Relay, Deck the Balls… And Selfie Stick stations are always a hit. (NB: The Fun Dept. can bring all of these offerings to your holiday party, or facilitate them for you. Read more about their holiday party plans here.)


    H: Tell us about the best holiday party you’ve attended in recent memory.

    NG: The party I enjoyed the most last year was after New Year in a great venue on a Thursday afternoon. Three food trucks provided an interesting assortment of eclectic food for a stand-up cocktail hour. The music was festive and games ranged from ping pong with festive red balls and corn hole to the Tangled Light Challenge. With the money the company saved having their party after the holiday rush, they were able to pass out great party favors and splurge on a photo booth. Everyone was more relaxed and it made for a more memorable and fun experience.

    Fabulous tips, Nick. With this great information, we’ll all attend great corporate holiday parties this year.

    Tell us, what are your favorite holiday-party memories?


    ""No one wants to be invited to a holiday party and have to listen to year-end results." Read on for more gems of holiday party planning. "