Let It Snow Desserts!

    September 10, 2015

    Boy, oh, boy. Maybe it’s something about the horrible humidity (it’s 90 percent humidity in Philadelphia today): We find ourselves already looking forward to cooler temps. But while some retail outlets are counting down the days until Christmas, we’re just counting down the days until September 30th.

    That’s the last day you can upgrade for free to Brûlée at The Hub’s signature “Let It Snow” dessert station, which comes as a bonus if you book an event at The Hub. This isn’t some red-and-green-sprinkles upgrade, you guys–this is full-on, multi-flavored eggnog joy upgrade. This is holiday-themed-macarons upgrade. This is brownie-pop upgrade.

    Yes, you have reached level-up status in terms of holiday treats. For the full menu, click here.

    And because you’ve earned it, here’s a peek of a lovely Christmas-Tree treat at last year’s Let It Snow Dessert station. (Just think, you could have your very own.):

    christmas tree brownies

    "This is the level-up of all dessert stations. Get it for free by booking by September 30."