“Keep on Learning”: Tips from the Top, with Serve1’s Chris Diaz

    April 14, 2016

    What do you get a guy who’s served in Afghanistan, worked in network television, and started his own consulting firm? Why, you get him to reach for even higher goals, of course. You get him to go to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, to be exact.

    That’s exactly what Chris Diaz, founder and CEO of Serve1 Performance Solutions, wanted for himself, and last year, he did it. As Serve1, one of The Hub’s longtime clients, prepares for the next step of its existence, we sat down with Chris to talk about his experience summiting one of the mountaineering world’s best-known climbs, and what it’s taught him. Our experience was enlightening. Read on for some tips from the literal top–of the mountain.


    Seize the opportunity

    This first lesson is super-obvious. Diaz was president of the Drexel Veterans Association last year (he’s a former Navy corpsman) when he met members of the Military Assistance Project. They were embarking on their first-ever charity climb, and had an extra spot open, so Diaz took the opportunity to take the spot.

    Perhaps more importantly, Diaz took the opportunity no matter the roadblocks he knew already existed. “I’m afraid of heights,” Diaz admits. “and I don’t like being cold or uncomfortable.” Still, he didn’t let that stop him from hanging out at great heights, in cold, uncomfortable climes.

    Always look beyond

    Although some look to climbing Kilimanjaro as a life event, Diaz knew that summiting one of the world’s tallest peaks wasn’t going to be the end-all for him–there is always room to improve.

    Diaz’s company, Serve1, also operates on that philosophy: “No one individual has met their potential, so we provide an awareness of that potential and provide them the tools to meet their goals,” says Diaz.

    Bigger picture thinking drives you forward

    Fear of heights and a disinclination to discomfort notwithstanding, Diaz signed up for the Kilimanjaro climb because he valued the experience. “It’s about the experience,” he says. “I love being on the other side of what scares me, because that’s where I grow.”

    Likewise, Diaz and his partner, Samantha Winter, also look to create big-picture thinking in companies they work with: “We are interested in creating a culture of performance for companies,” he says.

    Life has a funny way of presenting us with lessons, doesn’t it? What lessons have you learned that you apply to your business? Tell us in the comments below.


    ""No one individual has met their potential, so we provide an awareness of that potential and provide them the tools to meet their goals." --Chris Diaz"