Sales Managers: We’re Hiring!

    May 12, 2016

    For events and meetings facilities like The Hub, our salespeople are the engine behind all the magic–they’re on the frontlines, representing our gorgeous spaces, and showing our potential clients everything we have to offer!

    And guess what? The Hub is hiring new sales managers. We sat down to talk to our vice-president of sales, Stephanie Gress, about what she’s looking for.


    Q: First of all, tell us a little about your own personal sales philosophy.

    A: Sales people need to create value with every conversation. Knowing your product isn’t enough: You need to understand your industry and your client’s industry, business opportunities, areas of growth, and potential threats. Comprehending the entire picture from your client’s point of view, and providing solutions at a higher level even if the solution isn’t your product, is essential in today’s marketplace.


    Q: What character traits do you think embody a good salesperson?

    A: Our salespeople think bigger than their last sale: They think about building our business, our client’s businesses, and building long-term relationships.  Good salespeople see beyond the signature line. I’m looking for passionate, genuine, caring people who thrive in a team environment.


    Q: You’ve asked for “genuine and relentless salespeople.” What does this mean to you?

    A: To be successful in anything, you need to be relentless.  Relentlessly striving to improve the client’s experience, your understanding of the client’s needs, your presentation, your productivity, your product knowledge, etc.  Serving your client in a genuine and honest way so that everyone feels taken care of and not taken for granted is so important to us.  These are two important characteristics that make our team successful.


    Q: Finally, how do folks get in touch to apply?

    A: Visit the careers page at our web site, or shoot me an email:


    "What does it mean to be "relentless" and still have "integrity"? We asked our sales team. "